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20 February 2008

Wordless Wednesday

The photos aren't enhanced in anyway - simple digital camera and simple photographer. Ireland is just that beautiful.


LisaWA said...

Beautiful!! Is the part of the No child left inside??

Happy WW~ Lisa

Audrey said...

Wow. I love nature photos.

Karen said...

That is at Blarney Castle. The first one is Rock Close and the second is the tree at the entrance of the faire glen. My sister took the pictures Sunday.

Tina said...

Very pretty, it reminds me of scene from a movie like... Bridge to Teribithia. :o)


Lorna said...

Ireland really is so green. My friend says she can never get her washing dry it rains so much.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!

Karen aka Testimony on the WTM boards

my5wolfcubs said...

Beautiful! My sibs went to Ireland together...after I was married. LOL I just bought the Happy Scribe Irish Proverb pages. :)