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02 March 2008

Week 27 - The Plan

Since school is officially halfway over, I thought it was time to finalize my curriculum and schedule for First Grade. It is Here.

Here are the plans for this week.
LB in preschool is working on numbers, letters, and mazes. CC in first grade is working on subtraction, cursive, grammar, and mythology. BB in twelfth grade will be discussing Frankenstein with me and starting Great Expectations. He also has Italian, Japanese, a test in philosophy and is supposed to be getting a job, renewing the tags for his car, and planning his summer trip to Japan.

The girls are finally recovered from their pox, so we are going to schedule some celebratory field trips. We will try to go to an indoor play place, the library and the zoo. I also have to go to the grocery store at least Wednesday, but maybe sooner since I am out of cream for my coffee. I do at least have the meals planned now I just need to make the list.

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Urban Mom said...

Looks like a great first grade plan! Busy, but not overwhelming. And a nice variety, too.