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16 March 2008

Week 28 - There will be a plan this week

Last week did not happen for school because of illness; therefore, we will not be sick this week. If we plan it,it will happen, right?

First Grade:
Math - We will work through at least 5 lessons of chapter 4 in BJU 2 and a few more CWPs. We are covering calendar and time this week.
Handwriting and copywork - We are working on HWT cursive still. It is going well, but I want CC do get more comfortable writing so she can be faster.
Reading - She is reading Little House in the Big Woods this week. We will also do a non-fiction reading about the making of the thirteen colonies.
History - Since we missed it last week, we will cover the death of Julius Caesar this week.
Science - We are doing some fun experiments about digestion this week.
Mythology - We will continue reading our Roman mythology book.

Not-Preschool - LB is sick. We will be going to the doctor Monday. Tuesday, hopefully she will be ready to go back to co-op. She is happily playing and coloring and cutting and pasting enjoying stories and music and dancing and animals and a myriad of other normal three-year old things.

High School - BB has a one page summary of his upcoming philosophy paper due. He has a mid-term in Japanese and should get his Italian test back this week. He also needs to get his application in to the college in Japan. I want him accepted as soon as possible so that we can make plans.
British Lit. He will be reading Book 1 of Great Expectations and doing a character essay on Pip.
IEW - we are covering taking notes from sources this week.

One thing I want to do this week is keep track of how much time we spend on each subject. Over at My 5 Wolf Cubs there is a nice comparison between the time recommendations in WTM and the the schedules used at CM's PNUE school. Since I have found value in both, I am curious as to where we are.

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