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15 March 2008

The Week that was not

I should have suspected this would be one of those weeks, when I didn't make a Plan for the week. Here was my week - Monday, CC wakes up with a fever and an icky throat. Tuesday, My throat starts to hurt and CC still has a fever so we go to the Doc. It isn't Strep, which is good. Wednesday, Hubby has to go to the office in th4e morning and can't work at home; CC and I are both sick and fevered; Lb is lonely; BB has class most of the day. Thursday, CC and I feel better but not great; LB starts running a fever; BB decides to go to college in Tokyo; Hubby is in the office instead of home. Friday, I call in sick from work as I still feel bad; CC is better but her cough is worse; LB feels "terrible". Friday night, Hubby and I sleep lightly as we watch LB to see if we need to take her to the ER. Her fever is higher and requires Tylenol and Ibuprofen alternated every two hours to control. Saturday morning, I am tired; Hubby is tired; LB finally breaks her fever, but it comes back. I have to go to work and still feel sick. It was one of those weeks.

CC did discover that she loves the Singapore Challenging Word Problems. She is in Chapter 4 of BJU 2 and just started CWP 2. It was the only thing resembling school that we did all week besides a little reading unless Zoo Tycoon really is educational. My throat was sore and nobody felt well.

BB's newest plan is to stay home next fall to finish Japanese 4 with his current teacher then transfer to an American university in Japan for the next 3 1/2 years. He is excited which makes me happy. It is very far away, but I think it will be a great experience for him.

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genie said...

Being sick is the pits! We just got over it ourselves. Of course the timing was as bad as it gets, since my step-son and his girlfriend were flying out to visit and go skiing. I could barely breath at home without hacking out a lung, much less try to ski at 13,000 feet! But we mostly recovered and had a fun time. I just hope we didn't pass it on to them!

Hope you all feel better soon!!!