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07 March 2008

Weekly Report - Week 27

The best laid plans often fail. We started the week off great. Monday, we did all of our school work and then went to play. Tuesday, we had a great day at co-op. Wednesday, we did the school work and started preparing for the triumphant return to gymnastics when something went "BAM! CRASH!" in the kitchen.

CC banged her knee into the dishwasher. It swelled, and her foot swelled. She has been unable to put pressure on it or extend it since. We had it x-rayed, but it was inconclusive. The pain and swelling are in the same area as her growth plates. We are waiting to see if it improves or if it bruises more which will determine of we need to go to an orthopedist or just wait for it to heal. The doc was pretty sure that it was just soft-tissue damage. The rest of the week has been spent carrying my fifty pound daughter around my split-level house and icing her knee. Today it was a little better.

We did complete all of chapter 3 in the math book. CC is enjoying math. Last night while she was in the tub, she started adding sets of three addends together for fun. I am finally starting to feel like less of a failure in the math area. At some point, her reading level jumped and I didn't notice. This week I gave her The Courage of Sarah Noble for bonus reading (reading that earns rewards). She finished the book in under two hours. I didn't know she could read that fast. She found the list of Newberry winners in the back of the book and decided that she would like to read more of them.

BB took most of the week off (from homeschool). His ps friends were all out of school because seniors are exempt from state testing. He did have a philosophy test that he felt good about and a Japanese quiz, but was exempt from British Lit work. We found out that he got accepted to another of the colleges that he applied to. He is pretty sure that he wants to go to this one. Next , we get to find out about transfer credit, tuition costs, housing choices, and how to transfer a pre-paid college plan from one state to the next. The fun never stops around here.

LB has determined that she wants to read. Thursday, I spelled words for her with letter tiles while CC tried to combine animal names to invent new animals. I was surprised at how much she can spell. She can spell her name and her brother's and sister's names, but doesn't really get how letters correspond to sounds. She is positive that M makes the sound "mommy", not "Mmmmm." I think 3 is too young for phonics, but she will probably learn some words other than names by sight pretty soon. I still refuse to teach her to read, ever.

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