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04 April 2008

Week 30 - Weekly Report

This is our week. We read, cooked, wrote, planted, played, explored, laughed, learned, and enjoyed school and each other. Math was excellent this week. We finished chapter 5 which included adding 3 two-digit numbers with regrouping - it was excellent and CC declared that she was smart. She also loved the Singapore Challenging Word Problems this week which included problems with multiplication and division by 2 and 3.

I should have taken pictures of BB this week. He registered to vote, got a hair cut, wire transfered money to Japan for an university application, applied for a job, got accepted at the third and last of the schools we applied to so far, and still managed to hang out,start writing a story with a friend, and discuss deep philosophical questions.


Tom said...

Great pictures of your little ladies. :-)

Sounds like your ds is keeping busy.

Dawne said...

ack, that was me, dawne, didn't sign out of my hubby's account.

Tonia said...

Great slideshow! Your girls are cuties!

Tina said...

I love the pictures.

I like your copy work of the recipe. What a neat idea!