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11 April 2008

Weekly Report - Week 31

We were stuck inside most of this week. Cold and wet and snowy. Yuck. I am ready for warm weather and sunshine.

We are in chapter 7 this week in math. CC finally found something that slowed her down. We spent three days on subtraction with regrouping before she exclaimed that she thinks she has it. The funny thing is that when we did word problems today that required subtraction with regrouping, she didn't even have to write out the problem. Here is a sample problem " One morning, the children of the village filled 28 pots with water. They filled more pots that afternoon. The children filled 53 pots altogether. How many pots did they fill in the afternoon?" She circled 28 and 53 in book, then wrote down 25 for the answer. The big grin afterwards was priceless. Begging for more word problems was even better. I promised her that Monday we would do only word problems. We have come a long way from the Math Woes we had earlier this year.

When we were doing copywork this week, I really got to see its value. As she was writing a page with dialogue, she asked what the little things were for. I got the pleasure of explaining quotation marks in context. This week I used sentences from her favorite series. She had fun guessing which book I pulled each quote from.

In her free time, she worked on building a miniature house. It is on stilts in the ocean - I think. She won't explain it to me until it is finished. I like seeing her work on long projects like this.

For Nature this week, hubby took the girls to a local state park before the weather turned cold again.


Adriel & Christina Henderson said...

My little one gets excited about math too. Don't you love those eager learners? ~ Cadam

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! I have one son that loves math. The other, no comment.

Karen aka Testimony on WTM boards