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13 April 2008

Ever Wonder Where You Are Going?

As I was looking at word problem resources for CC this afternoon, I started looking at things for next year. I have had next year planned out several times, including detailed daily plans. My problem is that I don't follow directions - even my own.

I want so many different things for my children. I am certain that I can't buy anything for them that will make them happy or teach them something they aren't ready to learn.

Here is my plan for next year. I think that next year I will work on doing the next thing in reading and math since those are under control. We will work hard on writing since it is a skill that isn't mastered yet. I will take the rest as they come. We will do art, read history, explore science. Focus on the skills and enjoy the subjects. That is where I think I am going. I wonder where we will end up.

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Urban Mom said...

Wherever you end up, it'll be a good place. I have no doubts!