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13 April 2008

Week 32 - The Plan

This week there is a plan. In first grade, we will work on more subtraction with borrowing, but Monday will be all word problems by request. We are planting the tomatoes and herbs in the garden so we will be getting dirty. We are also going the natural history museum with our friends. In between, there is co-op, Girl Scouts and gymnastics. We have nice weather forecast for the first part of the week so we'll be outside as much as possible.

BB is waiting to hear from the last college before he makes up his mind about where he will be going. I am starting to get anxious about it, so I hope he will make a decision before I start interfering. He is spending a lot of time practicing for a play for his Japanese class. Italian is still easy for him and philosophy is still the most interesting. He is writing a character sketch of Pip in Book 2 of Great Expectations this week for me.

LB is still cute and curious and has a plan for everything. She has really started to play imaginatively by herself. She spends a lot of time in the toy kitchen cooking for her babies or pets. She is still not in preschool.

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