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10 May 2008

Some New Materials

Plans for next year are coming along.

Science: I received the Real Science for Kids combined teacher's manual yesterday. I really like the way it presents "real" science and scientific terms. I think it will be perfect for next year. I will start working together plans for a co-op for it for next year. After reading it, I think that I'd like to do chemistry in the fall then biology in the spring. Too bad I can't do all three next year, but that will be a good start.

LA: After our recent success with the R&S Spelling, I have decided that R&S Grammar 3 will be our grammar choice for next year. With that choice for grammar, I had to rethink my writing program. I am going to use IEW Fables, Myths, and Fairy Tales Theme Based Writing for next year. It has good stories and the solid IEW writing instruction, and it looks to be at a good level for her.

History: CC wants to do Roman history again, but I am ready to move on. Thanks to Laura in China's suggestion, I have another option. I am going to supplement CC's summer reading with some fiction set in Rome. We'll try out the Roman Mysteries series first. Hopefully this will allow her to enjoy Rome on her own and let me move on to the Middle Ages with TOG as planned. Just in case that isn't enough or plans change, I am reading through the books at The Baldwin Project and working up my own ten-week unit on Roman history that we can start out the year with.

Math: We will NOT be changing math. The third edition of BJU 3 is supposed to be released this summer. We will keeping plugging away through 2 and move into 3 once we get there. Repeat after me - "Do NOT Change Math. Do NOT Change Math."

Not Preschool: I found another alphabet book for LB that I like. This one has fun rhymes like the Dr. Seuss ABC Book, but I haven't already read it 2 thousand times so it seems much fresher and new to me.

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