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16 May 2008

Week 36 - Weekly report

This is a status-quo report. I have the best hubby in the world. BB was accepted at the last college, but hasn't heard back about financing the number one choice. He is starting a full-time job that he will be working until he goes away to school. CC is cruising along in math and spelling (started chapter 10 with 3 digit addition and found the chapter 3 spelling words too easy). She finished reading Half Magic and was very proud of herself. I will wait a few weeks before I give her another big book to read. LB is getting too independent for me, but she is still little and snuggly. I have been taking classes at night to get my daycare license. Crazy idea isn't it, but I have in my mind a part-time thing for homeschoolers. Kind of like a weekly mom's day out, but taking multi-age kids and offering them some "enrichment". Another idea I have is a once-a-week "not-preschool" during the time that CC will be in school next year - so once a week from 10-2. I want something that will benefit homeschoolers specifically so if you have any ideas, I am open to suggestions.


Wee Pip said...

Great week! Wow, great idea on the homeschooler part time day care...take my children, please!!! There is a book endorsed by Le Leche League called Playful Learning, and it is about creating a "not-preschool" at home - lots of ideas in that book!
Thanks for visiting my blog:)

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures.

Your little girls are blessed to have a big brother that so obviously adores them. :)