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27 June 2008

More Grammar and Writing

Okay that is a four-week-old golden Polish pullet named Fluffy, not a grammar book, but she is cuter.

I have been going back and forth over grammar ever since I decided that we needed to do grammar next year. I do like the R&S Grammar, but CC is not ready for the 3 since we haven't done any formal grammar yet. The second grade grammar from R&S would annoy her because of its simple sentences. I would love to use something with writing integrated, but I really want to use IEW for writing.

A new friend let me borrow her LCC2. I haven't read it yet, but it solved my problem already - at least in theory. I realized that I have Lively Latin. It integrates Latin, English grammar, and Roman History. A great big DUH to me. I am going to give it a whirl. Not only does it address my need for grammar in some sort of context, but it also solves my problem with CC wanting more Roman History. And of course, I already own it.

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