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27 June 2008

Summer Report Week 6

BB is in Mexico this week with his friend and his friend's family. He sent me a text message this morning telling me he loved me, Mexico is beautiful, and so far they have been "atving, ziplining, rappeling, parasailing, and snorkeling."

I think he had a much more interesting week than we did. We went to the park with friends, met new friends at the park, blew bubbles, played, sang, pretended to be dragons, sat in the shade and generally relaxed together. We also planted some flowers and blueberries and started multiplication.

LB started writing a story about two sisters. I helped her outline the story before she started it and now she is adding to it daily. I told her that someday she might be her own favorite author.

Big news this week for LB, the three year old. She can tie shoes. I have never had a child learn to tie shoes so early! I am amazed. I'm also glad she's not my oldest or I would have expected the other two to learn just as early. I also don't think I have ever seen anything quite as cute as a little girl in a pricess dress chasing chickens.

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