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21 June 2008

Summer Report Week 5 - Tv Station

This week certainly went by fast. We had a great day at the park with friends and took a trip to a local television station to watch the noon news broadcast. CC loved getting a chance to play on the green screen and see herself on the map. We also managed to make it to the pool one day. The rest of the week, we hung out around the house and watched the baby chicks grow and generally enjoyed summer.

We took the level test from Drawing with Children. CC enjoyed the level 3 exercises, but I think I topped out at level 2. This weekend, I will plan out a couple of exercises at both levels with something for LB added in.

We started R&S Grammar. The first day was great, but I should have stuck to the lessons for the next day. I skipped ahead and ended up facing the dreaded question "What is the point of diagramming?" With that, I felt defeated. I am back with the teacher's guide today trying to figure out what I did wrong other than going too fast. I was looking at Writing Tales last night wondering if I had been correct when I thought that the grammar in context would be more beneficial for now.

After a three-week break, I started CC on math fact worksheets. By Thursday, she remembered that she knew her facts and the sheets were boring. I was surprised it had taken three weeks. Next week, we will pick up where we left off with BJU and Singapore.

We finally got news from the university in Tokyo! They WILL be able to accept payment from the FL 529 plan. So that means that BB WILL be going to Tokyo for college next January! Now all we have to do is get the student visa, arrange for a trip to Japan to take his placement tests, meet with his adviser and register for classes - oh and figure out how to pay for the big difference between the cost and what the 529 pays.


Urban Mom said...

Oh my gosh! Japan! What an amazing experience that will be! Are you excited? Nervous?

A lifetime ago, I worked for the NBC affiliate in Peoria. We would get kid tour groups in now and then, and they were always so sweet. I have to wonder if our motley crew of college kids didn't scare some of them away from a tv career (their parents should thank us, ha ha). But really, it was neat to look around and see what seems so mundane after a while through the eyes of some cute kids. I hope they had fun!

Kristine said...

Hey, Karen, I recognize this tv station. And the zoo, lol! After living in CO for 25 years, we moved to Virginia last summer. I'm enjoying your photos, they definitely remind me of "home."

Kristine out of lurking/WTM boards