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24 July 2008

A Checklist

I think I have completed the schedule for second grade - which is good since we are starting soon.  I went through a lot of trouble making a very detailed schedule that had page numbers and lots of nonsense on it and tried to keep it up to date as I changed material.  It just doesn't work for me.  Here is my new schedule.  I think it reflects that we do prefer to just move forward in our material and that I want to focus on core subjects.  Math and writing will get the most time.  Lively Latin will cover grammar, Latin, vocabulary, and ancient history.  History has been simplified to Story of the World volume 2 with the wonderful choices from ToG added in where they fit.  I'll leave all of the science to the cottage school and the library.  We'll work on art together so that I can learn to draw.   We'll start at the beginning of our books and work through them until the end.   I think I can stick to this schedule.  My other one was starting to give me a headache before school even began.

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