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21 July 2008

Monday Math

Math today was a lesson in perspective.  First, I did two pages of Singapore Early Bird with LB while CC was putting walls on a dollhouse she is making.   LB's math was matching two and three dimensional objects.  

CC's math page was adding three-digit numbers with carrying.  She did the first problem correctly in her head.   In the next problem, she was off by one number in the last digit.  She crumbled to the floor declaring that she hates math.  She did the next two correctly then missed another one.  She dissolved into a puddle of math hatred.  "Carrying is too hard.  Why did they ever invent carrying?  It is stupid!"  This is of course what we get for taking two weeks off of math.

I searched the house for dollars, dimes, nickels and pennies then setup the same problem with money.  Skeptically, she worked the problem trading for dimes then trading for dollars.  Good.  Next problem.  Good.  And so on.  Once we got to the word problems, I wowed her by doing one in my head.  She topped me by doing the rest in her head.  Then the review section had word problems that required adding three, two-digit numbers with carrying.  She did those in her head.  For the last problem she wrote 65 as the answer.  I worked it out and came up with 75.  She told me that I must have it wrong.  I rechecked, and she was right.  We had a good laugh about it and she went back to working on her dollhouse.

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