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27 July 2008

It is all ordered - we will have school this year

Well, I finally pressed the order buttons at Amazon and Rainbow Resource.  I decided that I wouldn't buy anymore books to go with Medieval History so I reorganized my list of books and moved everything I don't have down to a list of books to get from the library.  Instead of worrying about getting them at the "right" time, I put them into three groups so that I can just order from that group when I need a book.  After roughly twelve weeks, I will rotate to the next group.  

 I also got a handwriting kit for LB instead of HWT which wasn't in stock at RR.   I almost bought a new reading program for her, but I am determined to not use a program with her.  We will work on letter formation and RS math this year. 

All we need is paper and smencils and we will be ready to start in September.

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