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28 July 2008

Monday Math

Somedays, I don't think I should do math on Monday, but then I remember that it would just be as bad if we started math on Tuesdays each week.  We have been doing problems from Ray's this past week.  She is much happier doing two or three problems like 1+2+3-4+5-6+7-8+9 than 10 problems like 7+9 or 11-6.  Weird, but she finds them more challenging.  We also do a couple of word problems.  Today we had kegs of cider in one problem.  First I had to explain what a keg is and why someone would want to sell the cider by the gallon and how some could leak out.   Then we got to do the math which was basically 27 -10 -9.  From now until after multiplication and simple division are conquered, we are on the slow and steady path to computational mastery.

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Urban Mom said...

I love to see how other people do this homeschool thing -- very helpful to us newbies out here! So thanks!