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02 August 2008

Who are you?

Are you who you think you should be? Are you who you could have been? Do you work hard enough? Do you value the right things? Do you know your designated evacuation point? Were you ready for real life when you left home?

Watching my teen hang out around the house and kill time until he can go away for college and adult life really makes me question things like this. Who is he? Who will he become?

According to the current plan, he will go away to college in January in Japan three semesters a year. He will be able to come home for at most two weeks at the end of each semester.

Did you know that his school recommends having a three-day supply of food and water in case of an emergency? AND that they have designated evacuation points near each dorm? Something about that scares me. There are TWELVE MILLION people in Tokyo.

I always knew he would grow up someday. I haven't bought the plane tickets yet, but someday is swiftly approaching.

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