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29 August 2008

Social Studies

Do you watch political speeches with your children? How are you explaining the elections to your children?

Several months ago, my daughter asked me what a caucus is. I tried my best to explain it to her, then I wrapped her in a warm coat, packed some snacks and took her to our local caucus. She is seven. She probably only remembers that she got stickers and cookies and it was long and boring. In four years, I will take her again. Four years after that I will take her again. I am cynical about politics, but we deserve a better government than we have. My children deserve a better country than we are leaving them. I want them to know that they should be involved. I want going to a caucus and going to vote to seem as natural to them as brushing their teeth.

This morning, I tortured my seven year old and my three year old with Barack Obama's acceptance speech. I had to stop several times to explain things to them. Next week, I will again torture them with speeches. It is important.

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