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29 August 2008

This was the last week of summer break - really

Well, we didn't start this week.  We almost did, but we put it off another week.  We have decided to kick off our school year with a field trip.  We'll spend the morning of the first day of school picking blackberries with friends.  The next day, CC will go to her first day of the cottage school, then we will have a light day on Friday.

I printed out a year calendar from Donna Young.  I will use this to keep track of the days we school this year.  We are required 172, but are aiming at 180.

We had arborists come out this week to trim our beautiful trees.  The girls were delighted to find out that you could actually have a job that requires climbing trees.

We also went to a splash park and the pool and have decided that we will add weekly pool visits to our fall schedule.  

It was a good week, again.

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