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19 September 2008

Weekly Report - Week 3, wolves

All of the pictures this week are from our field trip to the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Rescue. Hubby, my Mom, BB, his friend, LB, CC and twenty of our homeschool friends all enjoyed the field trip. There were arctic, gray, red, and timber wolves plus coyote, red foxes and swift foxes. We learned some wonderful and some sad facts about them all. We were also treated to hearing the wolves howl. It was wonderful. And wolves are not vicious animals. They are top predators, and they are very intelligent and caring. They mourn when a member of their pack dies. LB and I taking a rest while watching wolves.
LB showing her friend D the foxes.
BB making a big fake smile, but he enjoyed the wolves too.

CC with her friend the 150 pound wolf Shunka. He gave her a delightful, but naughty kiss. He doesn't normally stick his head through the fence to greet guests. She was good and resisted the urge to pet him.

The rest of our week didn't compare to the field trip, but we managed to make it through. I had a bad asthma attack Monday so we were stuck at home all day. Co-op went well and the kids enjoyed their classes. CC was a great help in the class we taught for LB's age. She is still enjoying her cottage school, but doesn't like having to change classes so often. She'd rather spend more time on each subject. We took a nice nature walk this morning to enjoy the late-summer flowers and found a giant pile of bear skat.

Handwriting is going well still. We did 8 pages this week. We started the Singapore math book, and by today's lesson, I began to think it was a mistake. I think we will go back and finish the Math Mammoth 3 before we start on Singapore 3. She can do the work, but man she drags her feet with it when she was just flying through the MM. I think she just needs more work on those multi-digit addition and subtraction problems. Writing is going along well too. We are still enjoying the exercises from Just Write 2.

We have been playing some dice games with LB. She is starting to recognize numbers on the dice instead of counting them out each time. She is also recognizing her numbers. I am happy with her progress this week. I have also been sitting with her and a small white board while I am doing school with CC. I write words and LB copies them. Then she asks for words and I write them,and later she draws pictures and tells stories about them. It is working well and she can write and recognize some short words like 'cat' and 'dog'.

BB got a job. Today is his first day. He is registering voters. I think it will be a very good experience for him. Next week we are supposed to hear about financial aid and scholarships so we are holding are breath for one more week. He also had a small dose of reality with some of his friends dealing with homelessness and terminal cancer - it is scary, but the reality for many kids.

Overall, our week was one for the win column. We did our school work, and enjoyed our home life and our family.


Paige said...

The field trip to the wolfe rescue center sounds like alot of fun! Thanks for sharing your week.

Jenny said...

The wolves (and your kids) are just beautiful. What a great experience.

genie said...

I hate that I missed going to that, and sorry I didn't get back to you in time. Of course, even if I had, that was the day my tire blew out driving on I-25. Not fun. So I probably would have missed it anyway. :(

I hope we can get the girls together again soon!