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21 September 2008

Week 4 - The plan

Math - I am going back to Math Mammoth until we finish the Add & Subtract 2B and 3A.
Writing - We are going to keep on - 3-4 assignments this week from Just Write 2.
Handwriting - Can Do Print, everyday.
TOG history is starting Monday
TOG literature is starting Wednesday
Lively Latin - we should get through the first 2 assignments.

We are up to a full schedule this week - at least we are trying.

For not-Preschool - we are going to do more words on the white board. That is working great so far. I am planning to pull out Phonics Pathways for the words that we will write, just so that there is some logic to what I am doing. We will keep playing dice games. We will also study the London Bridge nursery rhyme.

Personally, I have to go get my asthma and migraine medicine renewed. BB and I have to get the rest of the visa paperwork in the mail. We should also hear about financial aid this week.

Other than this, we have girl scouts and are planning to go swimming a couple of times.

It is good to have a plan. Now, I need to go find something to do for Pangaea for earth science.

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