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17 October 2008

Week 7 - Weekly report

Week 7 worked just like we planned it. We did the week in Writing With Ease. I like this program. Four lessons of math went well, but we got a painful preview of math next week - CC swears she doesn't like subtraction and next week will be ALL subtraction. In Just Write this week we made interesting sentences and covered conjunctions. We need something different in handwriting. Can Do Print has changed from words to copy with examples to words to write, and she doesn't like it. We're going to the school store Monday to find something new.

We made sedimentary rocks in co-op science by layering colored sand and plaster of Paris, and we made metamorphic rocks by putting different colored chocolate chips in plastic bags and sitting on them. Metamorphic rocks are made by heat, pressure and time. Sedimentary rocks are made by layers of sand, mud, water and time. Igneous rocks are made by lava. We repeated that a lot during the class this week. The kids like the metamorphic rocks best because they got to eat those, so now I wonder if what they will remember is that metamorphic rocks are edible.

In co-op preschool we made a mini-book for Row, Row, Row your Boat. We did the Letter B and made boats with Model Magic and tested them in water to see which one could hold the most rocks. We also cut out shapes and glued them on colored paper to make sailboats

CC did very well with sewing. She can finally use the machine without getting nervous. We decided that we'll do more sewing now that she is comfortable. She wants to make her own Halloween costume next. After that, she wants to make some comfy pants.

LB can swim about 7 feet in one breathe. She is pretty amazing in the pool. This week I finally got her to sit and copy words again. I had her copy the word top. Simple word. She told me the letters then copied them - t-o-p. The only problem is that she wrote the t, the wrote the o on the left of the t then wrote the p on the right of the t. Then she read them to me pointing to each letter, t-o-p, top. Okay, that is one way of doing it. I told her that it is important to write them in the same order I wrote them or the word isn't really the same. She copied them again, but wrote the t, then the p, then drew the o around them. then she read what she wrote pointing to each letter, t-o-p, top. Alright. I think I'm going to put this aside for a while and come back to it. I think I'll just keep on writing the words she wants me to write instead.


Lisawa said...

Well hello their lady... Im sure this note will find you well... seems like a good week...sorry to hear about your moms foot....

I just noticed over on the sidebar... your son is going off to college in Jan!! Woohoo and good work mom!

You are a rock star!


My Two Blessings said...

We are going to start subtraction in a couple weeks. Will see how that goes.

Have a good weekend

Robin of mytwoblessings