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26 October 2008

Weekly Plan - Week 8

My week looks busy so I made a list. I BIG list. I am pretty sure I won't get to it all.

  • Schedule a lease return inspection on a 2000 Nissan van.
  • Replace a dead battery in a '98 Monte Carlo
  • Find and Install an alternator in a '98 Monte Carlo
  • Turn in the mail-in ballots.
  • Schedule some volunteer time at the local campaign headquarters.
  • Make mini-books on Itsy-Bitsy Spider with the preschool class.
  • Find an interesting project about the rock cycle
  • Teach rock cycle to the science co-op.
  • 4 Math lessons
  • 4 WWE lessons
  • 4 Just Write lessons
  • 4 copywork sheets in HWT font
  • Finish Celtic Tales
  • Finish decorating for Halloween
  • Groceries
  • Housework
  • Enjoy the weather, since the temperature will be back near 70 degrees
  • Schedule checkups for kids - they haven't had one in a few years
  • Find out if BB needs Japanese Encephalitis shots before January

Okay - I am done now. "Can we fix it? Yes we Can!"

1 comment:

Lisawa said...

Hey... didnt you just have snow??? Now 70 degrees?? I curumba... thats my new owrd for the week. *Ü*