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25 October 2008

Weekly Report Week 7

Rani bought a camera and a dvd player for $200 if the dvd player cost $65, how much was the camera? CC pops up "$135!" Ben gave 47 stamps to his friends. If he has 318 now, how many did he start with? I have found a solution to CC's math issues. He is 6'6" and can explain math to his little sister. He is known as Big Brother, Brother Bear - BB. We finished Math Mammoth Add and Subtract 2B and started Singapore 3A. life as we know it in math is better. She can carry and borrow and do sums and differences. She isn't intimidated if she doesn't get it right the first time. She is amazing and so is he.

Other than that, we had a great week.

We made candlesticks and jumped them in LB's little preschool co-op and talked about fire safety and learned Jack Be Nimble - we also learned what nimble means.

We learned about crystalline structure, fracture and cleavage in the earth science co-op and broke some rocks. We also made some really cool sparks with pyrite.

I made handwriting sheets from the copywork from WWE using Startwrite and the HWT font. I gave up trying to find pre-made workbooks with a small font print.

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Jonnia said...

Good to hear that things are going well! Breaking rocks is exactly the kind of activity my little one would love! We'll have to try that.