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03 October 2008

Weekly report - Week 5 Human Moms Unite

Well, lets see. We skipped school Monday, because after taking my Mom to the doctor and watching her be in pain all morning, I couldn't bear to face school. It is good to be king.

Co-op went well. We used Three Musketeers candy bars for demonstrating plate tectonics. Most of the kids enjoyed eating their mountains after they were formed.

Math is making great progress. CC has started making her own little "notes" next to the numbers to keep track of how much she is carrying over. She never understood why she was supposed to do it before, but since it is now her own idea, it makes sense to her.

Writing is wonderful. Today we did little interesting sentence exercises in Just Write. After we were done, she jumped up and down and begged for more!

Handwriting is great too. This week we did exercises with capital letters using country and state names and synonyms and antonyms. I love doing grammar and handwriting at the same time.

Um, we missed history this week again. I have got to get this in the routine. I did scrub the shower. That has to count for something.

I have my receipt from Texas finally. Next week I will brave the DMV to see if they will reinstate my driver's license. I am pretty sure there is some special form that no one told me is required that I will have to fill out and then try again. CC took two of her little stuffed animals to the park last week in roller skates. One of them was not driving properly so he got his license suspended. I'm not quite sure what it is I am teaching my kids with this, but one of my friends at co-op said she is happy to know some "human" homeschooling moms. Sometimes we see ourselves as lacking some essential quality, and it is good to know that others make mistakes too.

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