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28 September 2008

Week 5 - The plan

I am almost afraid to make a plan for this week, but here goes.
The "Letter of Clearance" from Texas did not come, and I can't get my license until it does. I plan to be one of the first 10 in line when the DMV opens the day after I get my letter. My mom has an appointment for her broken foot tomorrow. I guess everything really depends on that. BB and hubby are both working next week, and I don't have a driver's license right now, and this town has stinky public transportation. I guess we will be working on flexibility this week. Wonder if I can find a good poem for us to learn?

Math - moving forward in double digit addition and subtraction in Math Mammoth
Handwriting - Can Do Print is my friend
Latin - I need to post about this. I think we are postponing this. CC is learning Spanish at her cottage school. I just t hink that Latin and Spanish for a second grader who is also getting her first exposure to grammar might be too much. Third grade might be the perfect time to start Latin.
Writing - Just Write 2 is getting into adverbs this week
History - We will be reading Across a Dark and Wild Sea and starting SOTW 2.
Myths - Celtic Tales is still a winner.
Earth Science - Plate tectonics and earthquakes this week

I'd like to take BB out for sushi to celebrate his scholarship this week. Hopefully that will work out.

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