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10 October 2008

Weekly Report - Week 6

Well, the pictures tell the whole story this week, almost. The glorious leaves are turning. Autumn color is glowing. The butterfly is enjoying fresh flowers. The favorite hen, Goldie, started laying and we are getting an egg a day from her. The other four need to catch up.

We started Writing With Ease 2, this week. CC does well on the narration and is enjoying dictation so far. I put a time limit on the math today. I set the timer for twenty minutes and told CC that she had to be done or had to do another page. She has been dragging her feet all week. Today she finished with 8 minutes to spare. I knew that 25 problems shouldn't take 45 minutes. She is quicker than she thinks she is. We are doing problems that she can easily do, but needs more practice to improve her confidence before we move on to 3 and 4 digit addition with carrying and borrowing.

I started to worry that CC had lost her love of history since she didn't want to move into the next time period yet. I also started to feel bad that we weren't studying any history so I put the SOTW 2 on the bedtime reading stack last night. As I was waiting for her to finish Balto from Five True Dog Stories before I read the next chapter in By the Shores of Silver Lake (which she had already read), I realized that we are doing some history. It isn't the history I have planned for this year, but it will do until I get around to the Middle Ages.

CC is learning to sew. This week we picked out a pattern, pinned and cut the material. This weekend, we will baste it and practice with the sewing machine.

LB finally, got to go swimming again. She can swim on her back the whole length of the pool. She is amazing, a true little water bug. She hasn't been wanting to sit with us for school this week, but that is fine. Her main job for now is to play and experience the world.

BB is still working his community organizer job. He is now working full-time and talking to a variety of people about their political views daily. I think its a great experience for him and will help build his confidence. He also used his first paycheck to buy himself a skateboard to save on gas since he has to pay for his own. There is a lot he is learning before he goes to Japan in January.

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Miss Jesi said...

I love what you said about history, yes, you are learning, maybe not what was planned, but you are all learning. I struggle to remember that when our plans derail. Thank you for reminding me!