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08 November 2008

A Horse Party? at my house? When did I go crazy?

Remember this cute picture from the summer when Hubby took the girls to visit some horses? CC has a birthday coming up next month and hasn't been able to decide on a theme for her party. She loves to plan parties.

I think that over french toast and coffee this morning I agreed to have a horse / pony party at my house.
Little girls and little boys, horses, my chickens, the dog, December - we have already had snow this year, outside, a pinata ? Wow. How do those cute kids with the big smiles and sparkly eyes talk me into such things while I am drinking my coffee? I think I need more sleep and I need to find a place that rents ponies.


Lorna said...

There is no saying no where horses and little girls are concerned!
Thank you for the wonderful British Literature list. Our daughter is just near the end of Lightning Literature: British Medieval and this is the perfect list for her.

Lisawa said...

Its because they are so darn cute and you love them so much!! lol

Lets just hope the snow holds off... I'll be thinkin of ya!!