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14 November 2008

Weekly Report - Week 10

Glaciers, Remembrance Day, Misty of Chincoteague, The Unusual Suspects-, Multiplication, Geometry, Car Wash, Life of Fred, white eggs and another snow day. That about sums up this week.

This week, my co-op co-teacher and I both postponed planning for class and didn't manage to get together about it. So we showed up for class with our own plans and they both were for glaciers! It was nice; we had brought material for different experiments for the same topic. The kids had fun. Again it was funny to see what they did and didn't already know. They didn't really understand why ice floats. They didn't realize that glaciers were compacted snow and not from melted snow that had formed ice. We read an interesting book, The Big Rock which chronicles the life of a granite bolder from its formation in a volcano, through being rounded by a glacier to its position in a forest. The kids were excited because there are many boulders just like the one in the book in this area. It did a nice job of tying together many themes we had discussed in our earth science class so far.

The Remembrance Day activities worked well and the kids enjoyed the poppies and the finger painting. None of the parents gave me grief about - yet.

WWE used Misty for its exercises this week. CC loved the excerpts. She is now excited to read it. We just happen to have it on the shelf. Speaking of reading, at 11pm the other night she came squealing out of her room (she has a 9pm bedtime but is allowed to read by herslef for a short time after bedtime), I was certain that something was terriblly wrong. Turns out that the second book in the Sister's Grimm series ended in a cliff hanger, and it is killing her. I highly recommend this series for girls that were raised on classic versions of fairy tales and are reading higher level chapter books. She seems to have inherited my just-one-more-page problem with books.

CC has reached the point with her 4 digit subtraction that even the word problems are easy. So we started multiplication and basic division. Thanks to BB, it is going well. I also picked up the first two books in Keys to Geometry. We worked through 5 lessons today and CC loved it. She kept asking, "Are you sure this is math?" It was a nice change of pace for her. BB start working through 2 chapters a day of Life of Fred Algebra to review for his math placement test in January. He says it is very different than other maths, but is perfect for reading through and working on by yourself.

We took the car to the car wash one and the girls begged to ride in it while it went through. The guy that drove the car into the wash, came out and complemented me on the girls. He said that they are both very smart. I wonder what a 4 and 7 yo could say in that short of a time that would make an impression like that.

And the hen that I was certain was a rooster was found this morning sitting on a cache of 5 eggs (3 of her own and 2 belonging to our Rhode Island Red cross). I guess she is not a rooster after all. Now, what am I going to do with three eggs a day? And when will the other two start to lay? And how do I know they are her eggs? She is the only hen with white ears and three of the eggs she was sitting on were white. Hens with white ears lay white eggs. Hens with red ears lay eggs some shade of cream or brown.

And we have completed 50 days.

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Darcy @ LWM3B said...

Your blog looks good! I really like the organization you've added. Your older daughter looks like you in those pics!