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01 November 2008

Weekly Report - Week 8

The week started off with a wonderful Halloween party that DH went to with the girls. They had a great time - bobbing for apples, treasure hunt, cupcake decorating, bonfire, friends, food, fun. A nice holiday party, but of course I was at work.

We did well on all the scheduled activities and school work at the beginning of the week. Math has been going great since BB helped CC get over her fear of borrowing. She did some more really hard subtraction problems and enjoyed them. I found a fun activity for the rock cycle that really excited the kids. We used sugar cubes to represent the different stages of the cycle. They enjoyed melting them - again, kids love fire and sugar so you can't go wrong with this activity as long as you are the one holding the aluminum foil over the candle. I am glad that we decided to cover each type of rock - igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary - before we covered the rock cycle itself. It seemed that this really brought the ideas together for the kids.

The preschoolers had fun with spiders for our little class, and we made cute spider webs on dark paper by gluing cooked noodles to it. It is funny what kids know about spiders. The preschoolers all know that they have 8 legs, but they all thought that they had two eyes. They knew that they weren't insects, but they didn't know what that meant.

I amazingly impressed myself by replacing (with some help by dh and BB) the alternator in the Monte Carlo. The girls spent that day turning my bedroom into a museum. I didn't get the grocery shopping done and the bathrooms didn't get cleaned this week, but the car works. CC finally caught the cold going around the house, so she skipped a couple of days of school, but sick days happen.

We did enjoy the weather. Who gets 70's a week after the first snow? I love the weather here. It changes dramatically from day to day and week to week. The grass is still green and the weather warm, but the leaves have almost all fallen. We are supposed to get back to the 40's by Wednesday next week. As usual, we ended up accomplishing what was actually important and the rest got pushed a little further back. We enjoyed our week.

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