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02 November 2008

The Plan - Week 9

There will be order this week. There will be school and math and cleaning and order. Okay, we'll have some fun too.

We are doing Lesson 8 in Singapore Math 3A tomorrow. Then, if that goes well, we'll march on through to the review of addition and subtraction, up to 4 digits. I want to also add back in some more math games and fun to our math.

We will do the next lesson in Writing With Ease 2. I think we are on Week 4. We are doing Dr. Doolittle. I have the copywork already printed from Startwrite.

We'll begin the water cycle in earth science. I am excited to be able to actually cover sublimation as part of the water cycle - we live in the arid west and get Chinooks. Sublimation isn't one of the topics covered in the water cycle when you grow up by the beach like I did so it was all new to me when I first moved here.

In LB's preschool class, we will make a book about the Three Little Kittens. I need to get some felt tomorrow - I think we will make mittens in class. We'll cover the letter K. Maybe I can get her back to the school table at least one day next week - either that or she can just play some more like she has been.

Alice and Wonderland just shipped from Amazon. CC asked to read it. I have been thinking of ordering the guide that Veritas makes to go with it. I remember not understanding it the first time I read it.

History - yes. My poor history. I think I need to figure it out. CC loves Ancient Rome. I'm ready for the Middle Ages. I'm thinking that Little House and CC's love of Rome will have to sustain us for history until I can get my act together. Maybe this week....

Week 9 will start in an orderly manner and continue until it is finished.

Have a good week.

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