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07 November 2008

Weekly Report - Week 9

Oh math, Math, Math. Let me count the ways I love math. Can I say that math is good? We only did 3 lessons of math this week because the word retching should never be used to describe a tiny 4yo. However, CC is flying through the math lessons with the greatest of ease - ever since BB helped her. We have been reading lots of poetry lately. WWE is still terrific. Just Write is wonderful.

Poor little LB caught a stomach bug. She climbed into bed with us Monday night, and I tucked her under my arm the way I always do, but she was wiggly and wouldn't be still. I vaguely remember telling her that she was wiggling more than a "bowl full of ants." I'm not really sure what I meant by that - I think I was mixing metaphors, but not long after that I was rewarded by vomit in my hair. Hubby, with his quick reactions, swooped her out of bed and was on his way to the bathroom when he got the second wave back-splashed, from her little hands that were trying to cover her mouth, into his face. Any day that starts with vomit in the hair at 1am really has nowhere to go. We stayed quarantined for most of the day and let everything slide - glad Hubby and I had already voted.

The poor dear couldn't keep water down for about 12 hours. She finally ate a few bites that night. She stayed pitiful for the next two days, but last night she was pretending to be "Tronimo Girl" while CC was some sort of spidery super hero. I think that she has finally recovered and maybe watched a few too many episodes of Word Girl.

On other fronts, BB happily celebrated with his grass-roots organization Tuesday night. Of course, the celebration also came with the end of his job, but he knew that from the beginning. The good news is that he thinks he might want to work for a similar group when he graduates college or perhaps even join the Peace Corps . He wants to get a job doing something to make a difference. But for now, he is back to looking for a temporary, entry-level job to earn some money for college until he leaves in January. He thinks money might helps him to eat in Tokyo and maybe even catch the train to class.

Let's see - other than all this, CC went to a science museum and held a tarantula, a horseshoe crab, and touched two different types of starfish. Hubby took both girls to the zoo. CC spent her own money on a pink bear for her sister when she was sick. A second chicken started laying eggs, but we haven't figured out which one yet. My mom's doctor said her broken foot is healing and she can start putting some weight on it in a week or two. The lease on my van is up so as of next week I will sporting around in the '98 Monte Carlo (with the new alternator) or hubby's jeep instead of my big old van. No more leather or dvd and no more car payment.

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