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15 December 2008

Monday Math - Multifry

Today, CC wanted a quick page of computation practice instead of a set of "thinking" problems so I flipped to the first page of multiplying by tens and hundreds and did them orally with her. Here is an excerpt from the lesson:
Me: "9x2"
CC: "Promise these will get harder. 18"
Me: "90x2"
CC: "You call that harder? 180"
Me: " 80 x 3"
CC: "Oh, puleezze. 240."
Me: "600 x 4"
CC: "You are killing me. That is the same question. 2400."

Math without drama would be much easier for me.
We did a whole lesson like this. It is back to the two-step word problems for us tomorrow. I am glad that she caught on to the idea so quickly. She really prefers word problems to simple computation, but I think it is good for her to practice the easy stuff sometimes too.

Happy Monday.
btw. It was -6 when I got up this morning.


Summer Fae said...

Have you tried order of operations yet? My oldest loves them. He has in the past asked for them. Hmm maybe tomorrow he will have a new one on the board. :)

Karen said...

We haven't tried that yet. She might like it. She loves anything she thinks is a trick or a special rule.

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

we are so behind in multiplication. I'll have to read more on your blog to see what strategy you recommend. I wanted Gryphon to really know his facts first before we tackled it. I love your daughters face paint! Fantastic!