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14 December 2008

Week 13 - Peeking Ahead

Guess what the temperature is right now? Did you guess 1? Yep, it is ONE degree Fahrenheit. That is cold. It is going to stay snowy and cold. I think that "Partly Cloudy" and 32 is the best day of the week next week. I think we will plan to stay inside and enjoy wintery, warm things. OR

We could go for annual check-ups, go to a Girl Scout holiday party, go swimming, go on a field trip to an art museum, and go grocery shopping. AND this is the last week before Christmas. AND we have family coming the week after. Nice. It would be good to cancel school this week, but we can't skip math because it is always bad when we do. If we are doing math, we may as well add in the subjects CC likes. We are doing school this week. More Lewis Carrol. More Jabberwocky. More Middle Ages. Some writing. Lots of reading. That should be enough.

Have a good week.

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