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12 December 2008

Week 12 Weekly Report

You have to love any week that includes words from your student like "Don't worry about the schoolwork in the morning. I'll take care of that."

Last night, we were doing a pre-bed planning for the things we had to do this morning before I went to work. We have the BIG party tomorrow so we had yard work, the coop to clean, the playhouse to vacuum, cakes to bake, and stuff like that in addition to normal schoolwork. When I came downstairs for my coffee this morning, my second-grade student was looking for her math book. That is a nice.

We are up to lesson 20 in Singapore 3A and have completed the corresponding lessons in the Intensive practice book. She has learned the first four parts of Jabberwocky, and we have been using it for copywork. We compared two versions of the story of King Arthur getting the sword from the stone. We also completed the first chapter of the Alice in Wonderland comprehension guide. She made a really amazing picture of a frumious Bandersnatch so that I could share what she was visualizing. She is working really hard to help me get over my dislike of that poem.

My little preschooler, enjoyed listening to Alice in Wonderland, and she has a floor puzzle based on the tea party from Alice which she put together after we read our chapter. She has been working on her phonics on her own and is surprising everyone by spelling a few words. She also made a wonderful picture of her sister complete with pearl earrings.

The soon-to-be overseas college student is off to Florida for two weeks to visit family before he leaves. He finished the Algebra 1 book and took the Algebra 2 book with him in addition to his Japanese books to help get him ready for placement tests.

I cleaned carpets for two days and have been generally trying to ignore the fact that there is so much happening and so much that is going to change very soon.

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