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03 January 2009

A Journey Begins

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Here comes Tokyo and college. It really has to happen. Have a safe flight. I'll miss your sweet smile when I wake you up in the mornings, even though I know that you are thinking - "Why are you waking me up?" You have been a great inspiration to me. I have worked hard to become the kind of mother that a terrific and beautiful person like you should have. You are so incredibly smart and talented. Yes, and there is nothing I can say now, that I haven't said a thousand times in the last nineteen years. I love you. I am very proud. and I want pictures.


The Ridge School said...

I hope he has a wonderful, magical, amazing time in Japan. He needs to send lots and lots of photos!!

Karen said...

He emailed me this morning that he is there, tired, and crawling into his dorm bed. He has placement tests today. He'd better post pictures this weekend when things settle down some.

Mama Peep said...

For some reason, IE won't let me open your site. I finally downloaded Google's browser. Good luck to him......and you! I expect pictures as soon as those placement tests are done with! :-)