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06 January 2009

We Will begin Now

BB left Sunday Morning. My Brother and his family left Monday morning. We sat around and enjoyed the Quiet yesterday and today and comforted each other and pretended that we weren't tired and sad and worried. We even went to Girl Scouts today. Both the girls spent most of today playing Video games. School begins tomorrow.

There will be BIG changes. Okay not really. I have spent a lot of time thinking about what Lorna said about continuity. It was the idea that I was aiming for and had not yet reached. Continuity.

This week we will start slowly. We will pick up where we left Alice in Wonderland and where we left off in Jabberwocky. We will back up again in math to addition and subtraction - 3 and 4 digits with carrying and borrowing - mixed practice just to warm up the "math brain."  We will start Growing with Grammar.  I already started history by finding the long-lost Story of the World 2.  

Welcome back to school.

After weeks off and weeks with a house full of family and days of holidays and celebrations and skiing and long, sad goodbyes, School will start NOW.

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