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09 January 2009

Weekly Report - Week 14 Frabjous Day!

BB was exploring Shibuya, Tokyo yesterday.

As soon as CC was done with school today she ran up to join her sister in their room. Hubby did the hair braiding today since GMa wasn't feeling well.

LB had pulled out boxes of things and was getting dressed - this was her third or fourth costume.
LB's first math worksheet ever.
The books on the school table this morning.

LB playing while CC was at school.
CC out in the wind learning about mapping.

BB is registered for classes - English, Math, Japanese, and Government Systems and moved into his dorm room. He is majoring in International Affairs. We miss him tons, but we were all relieved to see his smiling face on Skype. He is off this weekend and starts classes Tuesday. He has learned a lot in the last week alone in Japan. He is getting some downtime for a few days for sightseeing in Tokyo and hopefuly he will get a chance to finally upload some pictures and catch up on his lost sleep.

We did not read Alice in Wonderland as planned this week, but CC read the Shakespeare Can be Fun version of A Midsummer's Night Dream and didn't have anything good to say about it. She preferred the Nesbit version, but wants something more detailed. Next I will try the Corville version and the No Fear Shakespeare. She got interested in Shakespeare last year when BB and I were reading Hamlet - actually at first she covered her ears when we were reading for the first few times then started to like it. She started liking A midsummer's Night Dream thanks to The Sisters Grimm which is her current late-night obsession.

Our first day back, she spent more than 30 minutes copying 4 lines of poetry. On the bright side, she now knows all of Jabberwocky. She did Magic Squares puzzles for math all week to get her brain back in the math groove. We also took turns skip counting with GMa as the referee. Growing With Grammar was awesome. We did one and a half chapters of history. She also worked on learning the first twenty of the "Very Short Words" from The ABC's and All Their Tricks. She is working on spelling so that she can be more competitive in the family Boggle games. She's mapping out the neighborhood, and we are learning a bit about Japan and Basho.

LB joined us at the school table and was very proud to do a math worksheet from WorkSheetWorks. She also pranced around the house today saying "Oh Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callah!"

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Summer Fae said...

It sounds like a great day!

I love your pictures. :)

I thought that I was the only one who couldn't use the library because of library fines. LOL