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11 January 2009

Week 15 - Peeking Ahead

BB is starting class this week! Yeah BB!
Week 15 for us will be a big week. We'll aim for math, grammar, copy work everyday and fill out the rest of our schedule.
I'm trying to get back into doing the Alice in Wonderland study. History has made a good comeback so we will continue at least reading Story of the World 2. I am going to try to start RS4K Physics this week. I just have the teacher's guide. I think I can implement it this way. If it doesn't work, then I'll pick up the student book and lab sheets too.

I am printing off some more magic squares from WorkSheetsWork for CC and some more simple math sheets and letter sheets for LB.

Other than school work here is the list: register CC for a class at the art school, register LB for pre-ballet, go to the pool with our friends, and sell some Girl Scout cookies. maybe even make up with the library, but I don't know about that - they only take cash.

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audrey said...

You sound wonderfully excited. :) Having a nice little break is often the best way to revive enthusiasm. We're getting back in to the full swing of things here, too.

Along with all the subjects, T is back to 4-H activities/meetings. My dh is not loving it, but T really looks forward to it, and is having a very good time. I'm trying to be supportive of T because I can see how much he needs the group interaction.