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07 February 2009

Beginning Readers and Little Sisters

Last week, CC helped LB sound out her first words while we were driving. LB has been learning the letter sounds and has been learning to spell. She is on verge of starting to read.

This morning, CC wrote and illustrated a beginning reader for her sister. She wanted only words that her sister could sound out, and she wanted to make sure there weren't many blends in it and that it wasn't too complex but was still interesting. She decided that she likes sentences that build up from words so that her sister can get confidence reading words she has already sounded out. Once she finishes adding color to the pictures, I'll upload pictures of the book. Here is the Story:

Cats and Dogs
Cats and Dogs run.
Cats and Dogs run fast.
Cats and Dogs sit.
The End.

It is simple and sweet. It is also the perfect first reader.

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