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08 February 2009

Week 19 Planning for a Good Week

The highlights this week are Valentines, Darwin Day, Medieval Japan, lots of art, and working on those taxes.

My week this week is much less cluttered than last. Still there is art class, ballet, Darwin Day, a couple of Valentines parties, a date with a park, and a fancy French restaurant in our week. The box with the art supplies from Rainbow Resources should be here so that we can do the first lesson in Artistic Pursuits. My preschool art book has finger painting with chocolate pudding scheduled so that should be fun. We're going to read about Cupid and Psyche.

That is all for the special things. The normal day should include math (multiplication or the number 7), copywork, poetry, IEW for CC, HWT for LB. We had a nice routine of chores down when my mom was here - that extra adult really helps. I have to get us back into a good routine.

My must remember checklist -
Post office Monday.
Art class Monday.
Is that family dinner this Tuesday or next?
Hubby's shirts are at the cleaners.
Gotta get valentines.
Need to make Valentine boxes.
Park Wednesday.
Fruit tray for Thursday.
Ballet Thursday.
Need to get with BB to do his taxes.
Still need to cancel the phone.

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