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28 February 2009

FAFSA - we Made IT!

BB sent me this lovely picture while we were racing to meet the FAFSA deadline. This is how the FAFSA makes you feel. We finished with 28 minutes to spare!

And if you have an upcoming senior, do yourself a favor and learn about the FAFSA. It is required by most colleges even if you are applying for merit aide instead of need-based aid. It is long, and way too personal and asks questions that make no rational sense and asks them in random order. It also requires that you have your taxes done. Most colleges go by a date chosen by the state they are located in which varies from Feb. something to July something. It can be confusing if you haven't chosen a college yet since the college code is one of the fields and since you may not know what date to use as your deadline. If you are unsure of what date to use, March 1st is a good target deadline. March 10 is pretty common. I have seen later dates, but only a few that are earlier. If you don't have your FAFSA in on time, you may get excluded from financial aid that you would qualify for. So please, fill out that terrible form right after you finish your taxes and do your taxes early.

Before Beginning the FAFSA
Paying for College

Make sure you get a PIN for yourself and your student so that you can digitally sign the FAFSA and so that you can retrieve (maybe) last year's FAFSA to save yourself some pain.

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