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26 February 2009

WR21 - We did school too

I managed to take the camera with me this week. The weather was beautiful so we went out - a lot. Here are a few pictures from the week.
Watching a constrictor eat its lunch.

Playing with tiny horses.

Running at the park with friends.

A ride for a sister after a long day.

Sneaking a peak at a swimming bear.

Riding Indigo.

Riding Sunny.

Petting a giraffe.

Breaking a board in three pieces.

Breaking a board in two.

We really did school this week too. I have officially switched us to using Miquon for math along with the Singapore word problems and daily addition and subtraction practice. CC just isn't ready to move forward into bigger division problems yet so we are taking a sideways approach for a few weeks while the multiplication and division we have done so far simmers. She is loving the change.

We worked on some prefixes this week - un- and pre- . We covered Charlemagne and the Frankish empire in History. We also finished reading 1001 Arabian Nights. CC decided to start reading it herself now that we have finished it as a read aloud. After she had read the first fifty or so pages to herself, she came to me and dreamily said, "I didn't appreciate how poetic it was when you were reading it. The language is just beautiful." She has begged that we repeat it as our nightly read aloud. So we are back to the beginning and she is also reading it herself. This has now made its way onto our favorite read alouds list.

We have finished learning about limericks and are now searching for a new poem to learn. I sent CC off today with a new book of poetry and a mission to find us something wonderful.

And Big News. BB turned 19 in Tokyo. For his birthday he had a midterm in math. When did my baby get all grown up?


Kim said...

Your week looks so fun, so does the poetry book, will have to check that one out.

Kristine said...

Looks like a fun week! We've been having beautiful weather too, let's just hope it continues!

Robin of My Two Blessings said...

It all looks like a lot of fun. Sounds like a good week.