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15 February 2009

It is all about the Rhythm

I'm going to get my rhythm back. Breathe in - Breathe out. Flow. Symmetry, Rhythm is a pretty cool word too. I love words that use Y instead of "real vowels." I have been working on the opposing goals of getting art and structure into our days, and somehow I missed the boat and lost the rhythm that had been working so well for us. I'm going to get that back. I really need it. Without it, we just race through our day to the finish line of bedtime. I don't want that. I don't want to spend my days rushing through the motions. I'm not preparing my kids for life at some future point in time - we are living our lives NOW.

I've lost my rhythm. Rhythm is kind of like a schedule but it is a bit more. It is more natural and organic than that. It allows everyone to relax and be free within a structure. I never kept my babies on a schedule - they were fed when hungry and rocked when tired. However, over the days, you notice that they are happier when you do things in a certain order and it gives them comfort. That is what a rhythm does for me and my days.

I first encountered the idea formally when I was reading about Waldorf education years ago when I was pondering whether to start academics with her when she was young or wait until she was older (we waited, but she learned to read anyway). Here is a quote from the local Waldorf school about rhythm

"Waldorf education seeks to provide a balanced experience of doing, feeling, and thinking in a way that promotes harmony and well-being within and a sanctuary from the hurried world without. Key to these goals is rhythm. The teacher works with the yearly, seasonal, monthly, weekly, and daily natural rhythms by creating an appropriate curriculum and environment for the children. Attention is given to the more subtle rhythm of breathing (activity versus reflection) occurring throughout the day. The form and order allows the children to feel secure and confident in knowing what comes next. In the grades, a tapestry of special subjects and practice periods follows the daily main lesson. In the Kindergarten, the children look forward to the special activities present on each day (Wednesday is bread day)."

I have a schedule, but I need a rhythm. I'm moving from one thing to the next without harmony. I have added ART to our schedule, but I haven't taken all the pieces of our subjects and woven them together into something special. I just want something with a bit more form and order than what we have. I think that we have everything we need in place to create this sanctuary that I have in mind, but I just need to work on the rhythm, and see how I can weave the pieces together better.

It is out there somewhere - now that I know what I am looking for, I am sure I will find it.
Rhythm baby - I'm gonna get my groove back.


Fairiemom said...

Rhythm is very important in every aspect of anyone's life! Around here once I feel myself losing it, I see the domino effect that happens all around me!
By the way - Tag!!! Your it...

Lorna said...

It took us the whole of our baby's first year to realise that she was yearning for order. Pre-children I hated living in a predictable way but our children thrive on it. I love our schedule now but it is very flexible. I feel when it is working and when it is not.
I am in an organising mood just now. I want to sort out everything into a spreadsheet, then we can ignore it or use it as we please.