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13 February 2009

WR19 - Fancy Dinner and all

This week was full, but I didn't feel like I was focused enough. It ended with a great French dinner which was a first for the girls. And Math had two amazing moments this week
- CC was working two-step word problems which she loves and actually patted herself on the back when she completed a problem. She was proud of how she worked the problem. The other moment was this morning when she was working on her new multiplication coloring book and grinning from ear to ear. She gave me a big hug and said thanks for making math so much fun. It is an amazing transformation from the way math was at the beginning of the year.

Writing is going great. We are still enjoying IEW. Daily copywork of poems has also been terrific. CC is great at remembering what she writes.

We finished our Darwin studies for history this week so that we would be done by Darwin Day.

1001 Arabian Nights
is still slowly enchanting us both. As we make our way through this beautiful, rich book, I am seeing the benefit of savoring books instead of devouring them.

And of course, CC was up too late almost every night this week devouring books on her own. She read Hotel for Dogs and is almost finished with Time Garden.

We finally started Artistic Pursuits and the first lesson went very well. LB, CC and I spent about 2 hours sketching and enjoying each other and our charcoal pencils. CC even noted that having art as a subject at home isn't that bad. She is still of course in love with her art school class.

LB worked on the numbers 7 and 8, did a wonderful job copying words, and sounded out the word seven. She is also very happy in ballet but is against the idea of a recital so hubby and I haven't decided if we are going to try to influence or let it slide since she is so young. LB also elected to spend extra time at home with daddy this week instead of joining CC and I on errands. It was strange to go places without her.

Last night, the four of us went out for a beautiful, fancy, French dinner for Valentine's Day. The girls wore fancy dresses and sparkly shoes. Dinner took over two hours and everyone behaved really well. But I did make a mental note to not allow chocolate mousse for dessert anymore because LB was bouncing between the beds at bedtime.

I didn't hear from BB at all during the week this week, and it worries me. I am still not used to him being gone. But last I heard, he is adjusting well to Tokyo and college. He has even learned how to make a great spaghetti sauce with the ingredients he found at the local grocery.

And another week has slipped by.

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