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16 March 2009

Learning New Ways to Play

After being a mom for more than 19 years, you would think that I have played every variation of Hide-n-Seek that there is. Guess what? Apparently there is still a lot for me to learn. LB taught me a new way to play hide-n-seek tonight. It was sweet and fun.

The "finder" puts on a buff ( like one of those round stretchy bandannas they use in Survivor,  but much cooler), while the "hider" goes to another room and hides in an easy place to walk past. Once hidden, the hider calls "READY", and the finder goes to find her using her other senses. If the finder is having trouble, she asks "Are you here?" and the hider makes a noise. This continues until the finder finds the hider. I've played lots of hide-n-seek in my days, but it is a treat to be taught a new way to play.

I love playing games like this with kids. They end with everyone giggling and help us to enjoy the simple joys of life.

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