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06 March 2009

WR22 - Finally enjoying the Middle Ages

CC never wanted to leave Roman history to move into the Middle Ages, but you can't just study Rome forever. I think we have finally made a transition and history is continuing its march. Thursday afternoon, she and LB spent a lot of time upstairs making happy noises and the sounds of a conspiracy brewing could plainly be heard all over the house.
I didn't expect her to ask, "Mom, where is that book on Medieval history that shows what they ate? " Then LB chimed in, "Do I look like a real princess?"

LB was in a dressy silk dress, CC had done her hair, and they were planning a Medieval feast for dinner. We looked through the cabinets and some cookbooks, then decided to modify a Cornish Pastie recipe to be "Medieval Meat Pie." At 5pm last night instead of starting tacos as planned, we were making homemade pie crust and browning meat for the filling. I did insist that princesses really wore aprons for cooking. While the pies baked, the girls made crowns and decorated wine glasses for our ale. It turned out to be a wonderful, impromptu Medieval feast. Not what I had planned for dinner, but sometimes things turn our much better than you could have planned.

We had a terrific week after taking the day off Monday for a migraine, but we wouldn't have done much anyway because it was in the 70's and sunny. I would have called for a day off - if ps can take a snow day, I can take a sunny and warm day.

CC giggled through math all week - it is such a weird change from the beginning of the year. She has started marking beautifully written paragraphs to use for copywork for next week while she is reading(She wants a break from poetry so is choosing flowery prose instead). She was disappointed in her school science program this week because she has already learned everything they are talking about in their space unit, and so far have even done all of the same experiments that we did during our short unit. (yeah! for validation that our informal science is "working")

Everything else is going in a nice routine - copywork, math, learning cursive, poetry memorization, history, literature, art, science, nature studies, fresh air, sunshine, housework, family, school. We are getting our work done and making progress - slow and steady. I think LB only sat down once with us for table-time school, but she is doing just fine. I am happy that she is getting the space and time to enjoy just being four - it is a wonderful age - and so is 8, 19, and your 40's.


Lori C., Texas said...

What a fun time!:)


Julia said...

I love to see kids who are self starters with working imaginations!


Lorna said...

I think I would enjoy your Middles Ages study too! The pie looks fantastic.