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13 March 2009

WR23 In The Beginning and At The End

It is really hard to summarize my week. Death makes a great BIG punctuation mark anywhere you put the word so I guess we will start with it. My husband's mother died this week which marks the first time death has touched so near the girls. Hubby wasn't close to his mother which makes the whole discussion of it weird, but there was lots of talk of death in our house this week. We knew it was coming which means that the kids have been present for many talks about life, death, planning for death, the place of death in our lives, dignity in death, choice in death, and more talks of death. CC was concerned that it wasn't appropriate to discuss death in front of LB since she is so young, but I strongly feel that it is part of life and shouldn't be hidden or spoken of in secret.

We read a wonderful book this week in our study of Buddhism called The Mountains of Tibet. It talks about life after death from the Buddhist perspective. The girls both enjoyed it and asked to have it read again. I think it was probably the most appropriate thing we read all week.

CC has been very interested in religions so we have stared studying them. She has several Christian friends and wanted to understand them better. We started this week at the beginning with the first two chapters of Genesis from the Golden Children's Bible. We talked about it after I read it and compared it to other creation myths and discussed what clues it gave us about the people who wrote it. Personally, Big Momma Makes the World is my all-time favorite creation story.

We have also been reading in depth about Buddhism. We are slowly reading Under the Rose Apple Tree, and this week we enjoyed Tibetan tales for Little Buddhas. The Tibetan tales book has each story in English and Tibetan which is really interesting.

We moved into the division word problems in Singapore CWP which is really exciting since I stopped Singapore at the division section and have done no multi-digit division. One of the problems today had three girls equally sharing 213 things then one girl giving 34 of hers to another girl. The answer was how much each girl had at the end. CC had no trouble figuring out that each girl had 71 to start with or how much they each ended up with! I was really excited. She actually thought the problem was easy. I am happy. Slow and steady.

We used various sources for copywork this week, and CC is liking using paragraphs of her choosing. We finished two chapters of SOTW2 and started Norse mythology. We started reading some space books by Sally Ride to complement the space unit CC is learning at her Thursday School.

I think that was our week as far as I can remember.


Julia said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I agree that it's a good idea to talk to the little ones about death. I think it's harder on us to talk about it with them than it us for them to hear. My father, who was very close to us, died unexpected at the age of 48 when my children were 5 and 3.


Laughing Lioness said...

Karen-I, too am sorry to hear about your loss. It sounds like you handled it wonderfully and that you had a good week despite unusual circumstances. Hope you have a great and restful week-end.